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The company was established by oil engineers with long-term experience in research and production structures of the oil industry. The company's portfolio contains more than twenty patented technologies.

Nowadays, SNK has its own teams, equipment for service operations, stationary and field laboratories, software, as well as chemicals manufacturing facilities.

Consolidation of science and industry allows SNK providing the Customer with an integrated service that includes a complex of physical, chemical and filtration studies, preparation of technological programs, taking into account the individual characteristics of the reservoir and geological conditions of deposits, drilling oil and gas wells, optimizing the use of material resources, repair of wells, supply of equipment and chemicals, preparation of teaching and training programs, as well as direct operations in wells.

Integrated project management, along with competitive cost of services allows SNK achieving high technological and economic efficiency for the customer in compliance with all standards of environmental and industrial safety.

«The meek shall inherit the earth» but not its mineral rights.

- J. Paul Getty

Our Advantages

Wide range of technological service

Provision of competitive prices

Investments in countries innovations

The generation of new knowledge and advances in science

Regions of SNK’s activities
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