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Commercial Brands

Currently, one of the priorities of SNK is to promote oil and gas unique chemical compositions in the market, developed in its own laboratory by some of the best specialists in the chemical industry.

Nowadays, there is a number of products as intellectual property of SNK, which are highly effective when used in the following processes of oil production:

  • Repair and isolation work.
  • Enhancement of oil recovery.
  • Treatment of the bottom-hole zone of the reservoir.

The chemical compositions are tested and constantly applied by SNK in various regions of the country and abroad during servicing operations.

High performance quality of composite structures, as well as a wide range of properties allow their application in a variety of geological and field conditions of exploited deposits.

Suggesting the use of our products, we suggest the best and most effective solutions of your specific problems.

SNK has established as a reliable business partner.

We are interested in your success, and look forward to working with you!

PS: In order to achieve the most positive results in the application of chemical compositions, the SNK staff will promptly prepare prototypes of compositions for subsequent adaptation of the universal chemical compositions for each specific task, taking into account the individual characteristics of the reservoir and geological conditions of deposits.

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