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A complex implementation of intensifying compositions and "diverters" (ВЭС+КС)

Purpose and Field of Application

Processing of the bottom-hole zone of the wells, operating dissected and heterogeneous reservoir to stimulate selectively the low-permeability interlayers

Main Properties

  • Adjustable "lifetime" of the auto-disable "diverters";
  • Low corrosiveness;
  • High selectivity of “temporary plugs” installation;
  • Increases the selective impact of intensifying agent

Injection Volumes

The volume of the injected composition averages between 0.6 and 1 m3 for 1 m of perforated thickness of the reservoir


  • Installation for preparation of inverse emulsions УОЭ-2
  • Pump truck
  • Tank with fresh water
  • Equipment to tie the well reinforcement

Application Technology

  • Preparation of ВЭС with the dispersing device
  • Injection of ВЭС in the well
  • Injection of the acid composition
  • Injection of the estimated volume of displacement fluid
  • Well’s response 6-24 h
  • Well’s development
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