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SNK company was founded by oil engineers experienced in research and production structures of the oil industry. Business team with a high level of competence in oil and gas field, corporate governance and attracting finance to determine the dynamics of the company.

From the very beginning, the Laboratory of squeeze cementing was established at company’s proper expenses, SNK staff began to develop technological solutions for casing patch, elimination of annulus circulation and selective isolation of the reservoir. The company establishes close cooperation with the scientific institutions of oil companies, including "RN-UfaNIPIneft" LLC, "UNTC" LLC, "Gazpromneft NTC" LLC, National Mineral Resources University, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

The first pilot projects for SNK technologies were held under the New technologies system of NK Rosneft in the fields of "Rosneft-Purneftegaz" LLC, where their technological and economic success was confirmed. Complex projects include the work on insulation of gas flows, squeeze cementing work at the minimum injection capacity and non-limited maximum injection capacity.

The following technology products of SNK were brought to the market in oilfield services: VEC, ТСА, СОФИТ, ЛИНК, ПАПС, СНК-2, ФОРТ.

Effective application of the technology made further development possible. The company successfully participates in tenders for squeeze cementing, and also becomes a supplier of technological solutions for contractors in squeeze cementing in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Ural-Volga region, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Serbia.

In the course of business, in addition to the squeeze cementing, developments in the field of oil production intensification and enhanced oil recovery were added to the intelligent portfolio of SNK, which expanded the range of services. A promising direction of development of the company was the research of squeeze cementing in horizontal wells and tracer studies with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells.

Nowadays, SNK possesses its own resources for squeeze cementing, bottom-hole zone treatment and oil recovery; specialized equipment for mixing and injection of chemical reagents; workshop for production of chemical compounds.

SNK also cooperates with the Russian oilfield service and drilling companies.

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