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About us

"SNK" LLC Research Center was created by talented engineering professionals with extensive experience and valuable skills, acquired through long-term work in the structural units of oil companies. "SNK" company specializes mainly in the creation and implementation of high-tech production structures in programs related to the processes of drilling of oil and gas wells. Also, the company's staff solves problems related to the repair of wells and enhancement of oil recovery.

Nowadays, there are divisions in different directions in the research center, which are provided with the latest equipment for servicing, modern laboratory equipment and the most advanced samples of chemicals.

Connection of science and production provide us with a wide range of features that allow development of new technological programs taking into account individual parameters of formations and conditions of deposits, to explore the physical, chemical and filtration characteristics of soils. Besides, the research center offers the equipment chemical reagents supply, as well as carrying out continuous technological processes on the well locations. Employees carry out training of workers of customers structural subdivisions to perform operations on the new programs.

Non-standard methodology of project management, along with a competitive price for operation and services, allowed SNK company to reach great achievements in economic and technological direction.

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The mission of "SNK" LLC is an effective, responsible and profitable activity in the oil and gas industry, to provide quality services to oil and gas companies. "SNK" LLC aims to achieve the highest performance and ensure a long-term leading position in the areas and regions that provide maintenance services.


  • To become one of the best service companies in Russia;
  • to work without harming people and the environment;
  • to provide services meeting customers’ satisfaction, to expand and optimize of the activities of our customers;
  • the prospect of "SNK" Company depends on the ability to continuously improve the quality of delivered services and products.

When achieving our goals, we rely on our corporate culture, a deep understanding of the working processes of the customer experience in the development and implementation of innovative technological solutions.


  • towards employees

To respect the rights of their employees and to provide them with good and safe working conditions, as well as decent working conditions and competitive; promote the development and best use of their potential; to provide equal opportunities to all employees; to encourage employees to participate in the planning and direction of their work, as well as in the application of these principles in the company.

  • towards business partners

To aim for mutually beneficial relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and partners. To promote the application of these principles for such cooperation. The possibility of effective application of these principles is an important factor in the decision to enter into or remain in such relationships.

  • towards society

To act according to the principles of corporate social responsibility; to comply with Russian laws and regulations; to provide support for fundamental human rights in the legitimate role of business; to pay due attention to health, safety, and the environment in accordance with our commitment to contribute to sustainable development.

Economic principles

The most important condition for the execution of the above mentioned responsibilities and business success is profitability, which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of "SNK" LLC. It is important for the allocation of the necessary corporate resources and to emerging technologies to ensure continuous investment related to the provision of services to oil and gas companies.

Criteria for investment decisions are not exclusively economic in nature but also take into account social and environmental aspects and evaluation of investment security.

Business Integrity

"SNK" LLC operates in an honest and fair way and expects the same from business partners. Direct or indirect offer, solicitation or acceptance of bribes in any form are unacceptable. Employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private financial activities and the role they play in the company. All business activities of the company must be reflected accurately in the accounts of the company in accordance with established procedures and are subject to audit.

Political Activity

  • of the company

The activity of "SNK" LLC is carried out in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and in compliance with Russian laws.

  • of the employees

In cases where employees of "SNK" LLC intend to conduct social activities, including standing for election to public office, they will be able to do so, if this is appropriate in the circumstances.

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