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Labor and Environmental Protection

The purpose of labor protection is divided into two main parts: the protection of workers’ health and the increase of production results.

The main objectives of given fields of activity include:

  • Determination of the ideal form of relations between components of industrial environment. This allows reducing the impact of negative factors on the health of workers significantly. This is achieved through the modernization of technical and technological equipment.
  • Establishment of the required and permissible limits for each negative production factor individually at the legislative level, as well as control over their observance.
  • Creating of safe conditions for the performance of work, both for the performers and for the surrounding people.
  • Ongoing work on issues relating to the improvement of working conditions.
  • Continuous upgrading of protection from impact of negative production criteria.

"SNK" Research Center pays a lot of attention to improving the level of industrial safety and environmental protection. The introduction of high-tech processes gives full guarantee of safety for solving production problems. This approach is a fundamental principle of work of our Research Center.

According to the requirements and labor standards established at the legislative level all “SNK” employees receive appropriate safety training. During the training they learn the most advanced methods of work, which help to completely exclude accidents and pollution of natural resources during high-tech processes.

All company’s equipment, including equipment used in the manufacture of chemicals and other materials, is designated by certificates of quality and conformity. Employees are provided with modern personal protective equipment.

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