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The Service of Drilling Fluids

The history of fluids used in the drilling of wells during the construction, originates from the nineteenth century. The original form of this substance is a mixture of water and clay, taken from the upper soil layers. In 1930s technological revolution began in the development of technology for drilling operations. However,that time the process of drilling fluids formation remained almost the same. For example, parameters such as viscosity and specific gravity were just unimportant conventional concepts. The quality of drilling depended on the skills of the performers.

In recent decades, the attitude to the development of composition of drilling fluids changed dramatically. Nowadays, there is a number of companies involved in these technologies, starting with the production of special materials, equipment and reagents for the preparation of fluids, and to the provision of services to the oil industry enterprises.

The service of substances for drilling is an integral part of the whole process. Highly qualified workers of OOO "SNK" devised and implemented a variety of techniques in the production, that allow carrying out research and study of drilling fluids in the highest standard. Besides,the company experts provide support systems for liquids purification necessary for proper and safe drilling. All this is done on both their own equipment and customers’ equipment.

Service of drilling substances by OOO "SNK" consists of the following steps:

  • coordination of technical and technological aspects for boreholes flushing, which includes a selection of relevant formulas of solutions;
  • auditor's examination of rig equipment to determine the need and the degree of purification of drilling fluids;
  • shipping of the required chemical materials to the wells location;
  • technical and technological support during purification process, which includes the supply of laboratory equipment, a constant presence of engineering staff on the job site;
  • 24-hour control of the fluids manufacturing process and direct control of the manufacturing technology;
  • permanent measurements of substance parameters, manufactured for washing the wells;
  • control of proper storage and economical use of all materials;
  • daily preparation of report documentation on each object individually.
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