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EOR Supervising

EOR supervising is an enhancement of quantitative and qualitative criteria of the operations by means of control and strict adherence to the requirements of the current technological and regulatory documentation.

EOR Supervising - the main tasks are:

  • to minimize the risk of leakage of the details and flanged joints of the pipeline;
  • to reduce the shutdowns in time between repairs;
  • to eliminate accidents during the operation;
  • to increase the time period between repairs and service period of the equipment.

The unit of technical and technological supervision, providing independent supervising, works along with the research and production units of “SNK” company.

High professionalism of “SNK”, qualified staff and wide manufacturing experience enable to implement related services of engineering and technological support and supervising.

Supervising includes the main directions

Супервайзинг ПНП

Supervising control is a prerequisite in the process of performing the entire cycle repair wells before putting the well into operation.

Supervising results:

  • shortening of the working process due to the mechanization of operations,
  • the use of specialized tools;
  • minimization of number of repeated pressuring;
  • commissioning of the object in a functioning condition, and within a deadline;
  • increasing the safe operation of process equipment;
  • trouble-free operation within time between repairs;
  • providing additional control by Supervisor Company;
  • transfer the data to the Customer (in digital form) the calculated torques of tension, flanges joints with indicating the main operating parameters, and the operations information.
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