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Increasing of Well Delivery and Injection Capacity

Bottom treatment techniques are designed to increase delivery of output wells and injection capacity of input wells, by influencing the bottom zone. When operating wells, their delivery may decrease for natural or man-caused reasons, due to deterioration of bottom zone and reducing permeability in this zone. The sources of damage can be various: clay swelling, emulsions formation, asphaltenes, resins and wax deposition, scaling, water blockade, etc. The technologies are aimed at eliminating damage and maximizing the permeability in the processing zone.

To increase the effectiveness of acid treatments, OOO "SNK" developed acid compositions and compositions washing off the oils for a wide variety of application conditions:

  • KC-1, KC-2 with modifiers SNK-1 and MGS-2 are used for reservoir with medium and low permeability;
  • MGS-3 is used for low permeability clastic reservoirs with high water cut factor;
  • СКСк and СКСт are dry acid compositions of carbonate and clastic reservoirs;
  • КЭС, ВЭС+КС deep and directed acid treatment of fractured reservoirs;
  • НЭК is an emulsion composition washing off the oils based on СНК-1 reagent.
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