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SNK Equipment for Drilling of Oil Wells

Equipment for drilling of oil wells is used to perform rotary drilling, has engineering related parameters, as well as operational functions. The central part of this drilling complex is a drilling rig, which represents a complex of drilling machines, equipment and tools, mounted at the point of drilling, providing autonomous performance of operations directly in the construction of wells.

Modern equipment for drilling of wells consists of the following parts:

  • drilling equipment, consisting of the tackle system, pump, drilling winch, rotary swivel, rotor, etc .;
  • drilling facilities, consisting of towers, base, collapsible frame-panel cover, racks and foster bridges;
  • equipment for the mechanization of complex work consisting of a bit flow control, automation mechanisms for lowering and lifting operations, drilling automatic key, pneumatic slips for pipes, auxiliary winch, pneumatic breaker, remote control for drilling, crane for repair work, the control station;
  • Equipment for the regeneration, preparation, purification of mud, consisting of a preparation unit, desander and desilter, screens, water tank, booster pumps, chemicals and drilling mud;
  • manifold consisting of throttle-closing device, the discharge line, drill sleeve;
  • device for warming the rig blocks, consisting of a heat generator, heating radiators, as well as communications for coolant wiring.

In the places where the areas under development are covered with considerable thickness of sedimentary rocks or solid, equipment for oil drilling consists of the following units:

  • auger-drill (for drilling of soft soils)
  • churn-drill (exploratory drilling, rarely used)
  • rotational (used in non-productive deposits)
  • «Empire» drill (drilling of unconsolidated sediments)

The main parameter of rigs specification is the load capacity that determines the structure and characteristics of drilling and power equipment, which is included in the installation. Load capacity of equipment depends on the design of wells, the loads that occur when lifting / lowering of casing and drill.

Parameters of Rigs:

  • Nominal load capacity is characterized by the duration of equipment operation,
  • Maximum load capacity is characterized by short-term overload of equipment.

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