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Quality Overhaul of Wells

Quality overhaul of wells is a set of works, the implementation of which requires the use of sophisticated equipment, including drilling rigs.

Quality of firm mounting of wells and isolation of productive reservoirs is one of the most important factors determining the process of production activities of oil and gas wells.

The integrity damage of the production casing can occur in the case of non-compliance with established techniques of lowering and cementing of casing, hydraulic mechanical impact on the metal and the cement stone, as well as a result of inadequate control of threaded fasteners and casing.

Quality overhaul of wells is a set of works, the implementation of which allows restoring casing integrity.

During overhaul SNK company performs a set of measures to ensure the reconstruction of casing integrity, including removal of the casing flows.

Overhaul 1, Set-up and Insulation

  • Stop of watered intervals, as well as some of the layers with polymers and cement;
  • Restoration or build-up of the cement sheath.

Overhaul 2, Sealing of the Casing

  • plugging;
  • cladding;
  • penetration of extra casing with a smaller diameter;
  • partial replacement of the column.

Overhaul 3, Elimination of Accidents Occurred during wells Servicing or Operation

  • removal of underground equipment as a result of the accident;
  • cleaning the bottom-hole from foreign objects;
  • fixing and replacement of the damaged part(s) of the column, the repair of the wellhead;
  • restoration works after pipes and rods collapse, breaking the wireline;
  • other work.

Overhaul 4,Insulation of Productive Horizons with a Return to Higher and Lower Horizons, Zonal Isolation

Overhaul 5, The Implementation or Removal of Packer-Strippers;

Overhaul 6, Complex or Drilling Activities

  • drilling of a newly created bore;
  • drilling of new bores in order to identify additional productive capacity of boreholes having an increased flooding and/or a low productive characteristics;
  • drilling of cement column;
  • milling of the casing shoe by advancing borehole in the rock environment.

Overhaul 7, Additional Surface Treatment of Bottom-Hole Zone

  • modified acid treatment (HPAT)
  • hydraulicjetperforation (HJP)
  • hydraulic fracturing of reservoir (HFR)
  • vibratory processing of bottom-hole zone
  • thermal-gas-chemical treatment (TGCT and others)
  • thermal treatment of bottom-hole zone
  • Other works

Overhaul 8, Wells Survey

  • filling and development of reservoirs
  • detailed geological section
  • assessment of technical conditions

Overhaul 9, Wells Transition to Operation in Different Purposes

  • wells development for input purpose
  • wells transition to the ones for technical water selection
  • Wells transition to piezometric, observational ones

Overhaul 10, Conservation/re-entry of wells using:

  • Cement plugs
  • parkers

Overhaul 11, Abandonment of wells, including with the installation of liquidating plugs

Overhaul 12, Other Overhaul Measures

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