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Oil and Gas Equipment

Oil and gas equipment is one of the leading activities of a dynamically developing company, which includes technological, manufacturing and customer service.

SNK team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of selection, design, installation and manufacture of drilling and tank equipment.

Taking into account the international standards in the sphere of oil and gas production, the Company has all necessary equipment to deal with complex problems to improve the efficiency of oil recovery achievements. A fundamental principle of the Company's policy of developing long-term business relationship is the quality and reliability of the proposed equipment.

High quality equipment, well-coordinated work of SNK professionals, as well as the stability of the production process allowed gaining the trust of our partners.

SNK Oil and Gas Equipment

  • for overhaul, tripping tanks, which represent pumps of various capacities, equipment for heating the working compartments, and other necessary installations. Containers have several types of mounting bases (sleigh frame, a mobile platform with a ladder, telescopic frame);
  • Tanks have different volumes, modifications and purposes. Horizontal tanks are used for storage of light and dark oil products, suitable for ground and underground storage even with temperature fluctuations. The reservoirs are available with various shapes of the bottom and the mounting base;
  • drilling container, used for the repair of oil and gas wells (drilling of cement bridges, milling equipment, development of wells by compression);
  • For fracturing
    • a vertical gel tank, used for production / delivery of technological mixtures and liquids,
    • a horizontal gel tank, used for preparation / storage, delivery of liquids / mixtures on a sight;
  • technological tank, used for storage of the fluid, its purification before reuse. Tanks are equipped with degassing system, fluid treatment system with gutters to treat fluids from residues and impurities;
  • blocks that are part of the circulating system are designed for:
    • cleaning of wells (during overhaul)
    • preparing and washing of fluids
    • Standby Reception, storage, pumping of drilling fluids of different types, and industrial water;
  • fuel and oil installations
  • circulating systems of different modifications, used for drilling fluid pumped into the drill string, its purification from cuttings, maintaining the set parameters of the fluids, storage and manufacture of a new fluid.

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