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Tracer Studies of Wells

Tracer (indicator) studies determine the existence of channels in the reservoir, which has abnormally low filter resistance, which are intended to find the parameters of channels.

Filtration Circulation of Injected Water:

  • cubic capacity of the channel;
  • The amount of injection of wasted water;
  • leakage of these channels;
  • along the strike of the reservoir width - direction of tracer distribution.

Tracer Studies of Wells Determine:

  • filtration speed of labeled liquid through the reservoir;
  • flows between reservoirs;
  • hydrodynamic relationship between the main productive wells;
  • distribution of filtration flows in the reservoir;
  • the volume of the reservoir, which filters labeled liquid;
  • the role of the injected water in the water cut in output wells;
  • the impact of well injectivity profile alignment on fluctuations of filtration flow in the reservoir;
  • tightness of the reservoir zones;
  • the performance of some ways to enhance oil recovery, with research before and after the exposure;
  • automatic water injection into the reservoir.

These studies identify the impact of activities carried out to detect the presence of water flooding and the correct choice of the EOR substances, as well as their volume.

Additional studies, carried out in 8-10 months, indicate the degree of resistance to technology, applied on the degree of rigidity of the method, water erosion and other factors.

OOO “SNK” carries out the following activities within tracer studies of wells: testing of exploration wells, complex analytic studies in the field of development and production of oil deposits. The test of exploration and output wells, wells with jet pumps, as well as the indicator (tracer) studies of wells and coiled tubing installation are in the greatest demand. The work is performed with the use of complex equipment testing, regardless of the presence of the team.

In the wells where the equipment delivery to the bottom is difficult, the studies are carried out with coil tubing, using autonomous geophysical and hydrodynamic devices,

Depending on the desired objectives, these activities are implemented according to the established chemical technique, with the use of alternative technology of multicolored dispersed markers.

In addition, in accordance with customer’s requirements the whole range of work is carried out as “ready-to-operate”, with our own staff, a portable laboratory and transport, which are delivered in the required field for fieldwork.

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