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“SNK” Research Centre for the Service of Drilling Fluids

The main activity of "SNK" Research Institute is an important service for the drilling material. Company has the following tasks in this direction:

  • Development of new drilling fluids for specific technological and technical conditions;
  • carrying out the test procedures in special laboratories for new formulas for drilling fluids, as well as those substances, which consist of old components with the addition of new elements;
  • testing of new programs created in the laboratory centers;
  • Development of new methods of flushing-out of wells;
  • Inlet controlling of chemical reagents used in the drilling process at the inlet.

Nowadays, there is much tension around the issue of flow of oil and gas and their exit towards the wellhead. Basically, this problem concerns the old deposits. It is possible to avoid this phenomenon using high-tech methods, which are to be applied at all stages of well construction. Those, who perform such work, must remember that the well is an eternal structure constructed in the ground. Therefore, an error in the selection of drilling fluids can lead to negative consequences, affecting the following criteria:

  • productivity of the constructed well;
  • technical and economic parameters of drilling.

Activities of "SNK" Research Centre for the service of drilling fluids are focused on maintaining these criteria at a high level during drilling operations. Due to highly effective programs developed by the staff of Research Centre, oil companies possess fluids of very high quality.

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