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Oil Well Equipment

Oil well equipment is a drilling process, accompanied by the destruction of rocks, located at great depths. It is a series of complex and time-consuming organizational and technical steps, where experts and workers of all professions are involved at.

During the equipment of oil well, the area is released from the topsoil, and special equipment is transported to a higher part to prevent it from polluting and raids. Earth storages are dug On the lower part, where mud and drilling water are transported to. This area is banked with infertile soil layer, which is removed during the planning of the site and digging earth storages.

Oil Well Equipment includes:

  • preparation works;
  • derrick and equipment installation;
  • pre-drilling;
  • drilling;
  • strengthening with casing, and plugging;
  • opening the reservoir to test oil and gas influx.

During the preparation work a place is chosen to install drill-mast, driveway is laid, water, electricity and communications are supplied. In the case of uneven terrain, the area is bulldozed.

Installation of equipment and derrick is produced in accordance with the scheme of their deployment, which was adopted for the given conditions. The equipment is located in such a way as to ensure operation safety, ease of use, minimizing the costs of construction and installation work, as well as compactness in the arrangement of the necessary elements of the drill.

Drilling Rig Assembly Technology:

  • subassembly is the assembly of the rig from individual units, which are delivered by rail, road or air transport
  • small-section rig is the assembly of the rig from 16-20 small blocks (bases) on which one or more installation units are mounted
  • large-section rig is the assembly of the rig from 2-4 blocks, which connect several units of the drill rig and equipment.

In case of positive results the wellbore casing strings is lowered to the well after the work, and the free space between them and the walls of the borehole is filled with cement. This helps to strengthen the trunk and isolate the water formations from oil and gas reservoirs.

Wells mouths are equipped after identification of the top of cement in the bore-hole annulus. At the head of the column, which also seals the annulus, the casing is hang.

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