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Oil Wells Construction

Oil wells construction is considered a full cycle, including the whole set of measures beginning with the design of a well according to the geological conditions of the area, and carrying out the preparatory work before the production test and wells exploration.

The main stages of oil well construction

The process of oil wells construction can be divided into several stages (with more than half the time spent for drilling):

  • a set of preparatory work, including the construction of surface facilities, preparation of approach roads, power and water supply systems, providing communications. Technical reclamation of the area is held with the removal of topsoil and bank it with the layer of infertile soil;
  • Installation of towers and equipment in accordance with the project, ensuring the minimization of the construction and installation costs and their safety, as well as the ultimate compact arrangement of individual components of the oil well;
  • Pre-drilling and drilling. Currently rotary, turbine drilling mode and electric drills are used;
  • along with deepening, well strengthening, casing running and preparation to cementing with the use of cement slurry are carried out;
  • insolation of zones with possible reservoir fluid flows, the creation of a basis for the installation of the wellhead;
  • The reservoir completion, followed by oil and gas production tests. The test refers to short-term work on the extraction of reservoir fluids to confirm the showing of oil and justify the further well completion.

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