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Tracer Studies

Трассерные исследования многостадийных ГРП в горизонтальных скважинах от компании СНК
Трассерные исследования скважин от компании СНК

Tracer studies determine existence of channels in the reservoir, which have perversely low filtration resistance. This research method determines the technology for geological and technical work in order to modernize exploitation systems.

Tracer studies are carried out by by injecting a defined amount of special reagent into the input well, the reagent is pushed by a displacement agent to testing output wells. This occurs with uninterrupted supply of water in an input well. At the same time, the samples from the mouth output wells are taken, the samples are analyzed in a laboratory to determine whether in contains tracer, and for an overall assessment. This type of indicator research can be described as the introduction of nanotechnology in oil production. With the help of the tracer studies the technology and parameters of EOR methods are determined.

Secondary studies show quantified results of the measures for flooding, and point at the correct choice of the volume and application of EOR substances and their technologies.

Tertiary studies, carried out in 300 days (10 months), reveal the degree of stiffness method, the technology resistance to washing by water and so on.

“SNK” company has its own units, technological products (CHК - VЕС, ТСA, COФИТ, ЛИHК, ПAПC, CHК-2, ФOPТ), and specialized equipment to mix and inject reagents, as well as a workshop to produce chemical compounds for tracer studies at multistage fracturing in horizontal wells.

Advantages of indicator research carried out by SNK:

  • This is the only method to study the features of filtration, the dynamic characteristics of the oil reservoir of cross-borehole space
  • It has no analogues for the direct assessment of hydrodynamic relations of output and input wells.
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