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Engineering Support of Drilling Mud

"SNK" company offers integrated support of drilling mud when drilling oil and gas wells. At the same time experienced and highly qualified process engineers carry out the following scope of work at the facilities:

  • receiving the injected reagents and chemical materials and checking their quality. Drawing up a report on usage of the ingredients of the drilling mud;
  • controlling the preparation and processing of drilling mud directly in the drilling and compliance of their creation with the regulations. Using computer programs for selection of the optimal formulation of a solution;
  • Sampling the produced mud and sending the samples into a comprehensive laboratory of washing reagents with parallel conducting laboratory tests directly on the drilling site and making recommendations to optimize the composition of drilling mud. The control of the main indicators (density, viscosity, Filtrate return) is carried out in 4 hours and a complete solution analysis is carried out every 8 hours. When working in the pre-emergency and emergency parameters of the solution are analyzed every hour;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the work of cleaning system equipment (at least 2 times a day). If necessary, assisting in optimizing the operation of the system;
  • Preparing daily reports and reports on the status of work on the drilling site.

Engineer’s one of the major tasks is to response rapidly, when a deviation from the planned drilling process occurs, and to select the most suitable drilling mud’s parameters in each individual case, including the work with curved and vertical wells, when the effects of absorption and showings are absent. At the same time the company's specialists always carry a reasonable thoroughness to use expensive chemical components of the solution and avoid unnecessary overuse of materials.

"SNK" LLC is an innovative company that uses the most modern equipment and equipment to fully control the technological support of the drilling process. The equipment of mobile car-lab allows analyzing the parameters of the solution used in the drilling of wells in compliance with both the requirements of GOST and API (AmericanPetroleumInstitute) program. Thanks to the introduction of the latest technical developments and inventions in the production rheological model can be created and the parameters of drilling mud can be calculated in accordance with functional analysis.

The mobile laboratory is also equipped with satellite transponders, to allow customer following the work situation even with the lack of communication facilities.

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