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Features of Wire Line Operations

Wire line operations are measures for prevention and / or troubleshooting of underground and / or wellbore equipment.

During the use of oil and gas wells, there is a possibility of occurrence of various problems associated both directly with the work, and with the relative underground equipment.

It is necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of these faults, which can often lead to disturbances and even shut down of wells.

Basically, underground wells repair is preventative: its implementation is carried out in accordance with a special schedule.

When performing repair works caused by prolonged wells downtime, operating ratio should be taken into account, defined as the ratio between the actual work of each well and the relative calendar operation period with gradation by month, quarter, year.

“SNK” company performs two types of underground repair:



  • restoration of units, damaged due to breaking and unscrewing of sucker rods;
  • replacement of pump;
  • change of the depth of lifting pipes penetration;
  • replacement of pipes and/or rods of the relative pumps and/or compressor units (units);
  • removal of sand plugs by cleaning and/or washing the wells with bailer;
  • recovery of the underground equipment after failures
  • fixing damaged production tubing
  • insulation of waters;
  • transition to another production facility;
  • cleaning of bottom-hole zones of wells
  • other work.

All wire line and/or hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations are accompanied by lowering of pipes, equipment and tools, as well as the relative lifting after the completion of works.

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