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Highly qualified personnel is the key to undisturbed operation of the drill

To improve the work efficiency of engineering and technical personnel and ensure trouble-free operation at the facilities, "SNK" offers a comprehensive training program on squeeze cementing and enhanced oil recovery, which allows increasing the professional level of employees. The program includes theoretical lectures, using the latest advances in the technologies of squeeze cementing and enhanced oil recovery, as well as practical exercises that entirely imitate the work on the wells.

The Course Program on “Squeeze Cementing”

  • Water production, water flows and the ways of their restraining;
  • Elimination of the circulation behind the casing;
  • Gas breakthroughs and their control;
  • The reasons of casing leaks;
  • Fixing of casing leaks;
  • Sand entry in the gas and oil wells. Measures to restrain the sand entry.

The Course Program on “Enhanced Oil Recovery”

  • The groups of methods enhance oil recovery;
  • Selection of the site for the use of certain effects of technology and their justification;
  • tracer (indicator) studies, their advantages to oversee the development of oil reservoirs;
  • Planning of work in the area and its performance;
  • Evaluation of the practical results of the implemented measures.
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