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Modern technologies of liquidation of complications of flush fluid absorption

The absorption of flush fluid is one of the most frequent complications in the process of drilling, which is caused by:

  • permeability and porosity of rocks (fractured-porous, cavernous, porous layers);
  • formation pressure.

Overcoming the loss of circulation elimination during well construction is a task that requires a certain time and material costs.

The specialists of OOO "SNK" have considerable experience in combating drilling fluids absorption. If any pre-crash situation appears, the actual plan of complications liquidation is produced for customers, depending on the absorption intensity, geological features of unsealed reservoirs, distance of the well under construction from production base. The technology of absorption elimination has been developed and is successfully applied (including catastrophic) with the use of water-swellable high molecular weight polyacrylamide (PAA). Container shipping of dry cementing compound in the absorption range and injection of the insulating composition into the soil can block the pores of the reservoir even in high pressure, and allows overcoming the absorption of flush fluid.

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