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Complex Repair of Boreholes

Complex repair works on the restoration of wells productivity consists of a series of events that require the involvement of various complex mechanisms including drill casing.

Insulation and strengthening of productive balls greatly increase the wells’ efficiency and health during the entire period of operation.

The main reason for the destruction of the casing is violation of technological regime of lowering and cementing, as well as lack of control over the threaded connections and fasteners casing. This should include the impact of hydro-mechanical processes on metal and cement stone. Only complex repair can restore the hermetic state of the casing.

“SNK” LLC Research Center performs full reconstruction of wells elements, including the casing.

Set-up and Insulation

  • Rebuilding or adding of cement ring.
  • Blocking of fields, filled with water with the use of cement and polymer materials.

Removal of casing leaks:

  • Plugging
  • Replacement of sections
  • Placement of the patch
  • Installation of an extra casing with smaller diameter.

Elimination of accidents during the servicing of wells or during manufacture:

  • Removal and installation of the mended unit of the casing and repair of wells’ inlet site.
  • Lifting of the damaged underground equipment and machinery.
  • Removal of foreign materials and objects from the well.

The list of actions performed during drilling:

  • Equipping of the stem and sealing of joints.
  • In wells with low productivity, extra cut of new casing to establish additional capacities.
  • Milling work on the columns shoes, due to lowering of the casing deep into the rock.

In addition to these components of the complex repair, "SNK" specialists can perform the following operations:

  • The study and survey of wells.
  • Secondary treatment of the bottom-hole ball.
  • Changing the production wells’ destination.
  • Measures to jamming and reactivation of wells after repair.
  • Installation of a liquidation-type bridges the complete killing of wells.

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