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Emulsion composition washing off the oils НЭК, based on СНК-1 reagent.


  • Improving injectivity of input wells;
  • Improving the quality and oil-wishing-off properties of the injected water;
  • Cleaning the bottom-hole zone of the asphaltic and paraffin deposits.

Component reagent

  • СНК-1 reagent;
  • water

Basic Properties

  • The low boundary tension on the border with oil;
  • High oil-washing-off properties;
  • Simplicity and reliability of preparation and injection

Injection Volume

The injection volume averages between 5 and 10 m3 for 1 m of effective thickness. Recommended concentration averages between 1 and 5%


  • Pump truck;
  • Portable UDR-32M and analogues;
  • Road tank car AC-10;
  • Equipment for tying the hole fittings
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