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The Purpose

  • Isolation of loss zones:
    • during the drilling,
    • during cementing of the casing;
  • Reducing the injection capacity during the squeeze cementing and repair-and-renewal operations

Component Reagents

  • Polymer
  • Anhydrous hydrocarbon solvent
  • Fresh water

The Main Property

  • Increased bridging ability
  • High hydrodynamic resistance
  • Stability in loss zones;
  • Possibility of destruction by chemical methods

Injection Volume

The volume of the injected polymer slurry averages between 1 and 2 m3


  • Pump truck
  • Container for suspension preparation;
  • Container for hydrocarbon solvent
  • Container for water
  • Equipment to tie the well reinforcement

Application Technology

When performing the work, parallel or sequential delivery of components to the isolation zone is applied

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