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The Purpose

  • Disabling of the depleted reservoir intervals;
  • Elimination of the interstratal flows and flows behind the casing;
  • Isolation of bottom water

Component Reagents

  • Synergistic polymer composition VEC-2,
  • Crosslinker,
  • Water

Main Properties

  • High selectivity of filtering;
  • Adjustable gel time;
  • High strength characteristics of the gel;
  • Gel stability up to 100 °C;
  • Possibility of destruction by chemical methods

Injection Volume

The optimum amount of the compound is calculated using the program, named "Calculation of injection volumes of gelling agents for water shutoff".


  • Portable APZR-P,
  • Pump truck,
  • Equipment for tying hole fittings;
  • Hydraulic manipulator for loading and unloading

Application Technology

Injection of the composition;

  • Flushing with water;
  • Keeping the well under pressure during gelation process;
  • Placing the well on production
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